I am your cook: Yaw Asiamah (Asiyama)

Rumours of our deliciousness are greatly understated. "The fruits from the kitchen gives one the power to silence people even if for a moment." Naana Augusta. My best learning was in her kitchen in Koforidua. "What will happen if i add this?" "Why dont you try and see?"

 So all my recipes are inspired by Africa and the Caribbean. Of course, I stole some too. Don't be silly. Who doesn't? 

 I adapted them of course. Made them mine. Some however are my own creations. Needless to say, those ideas will be "borrowed by others. too. Good on them. Hope they have the dignity to put their own stamp on it. Making it their own.

Okay, so we cook incredibly delicious food. We are easily accessible and truly deeply believe flavour does matter. You can find us at Queens Court in Central Milton Keynes. You can join us at our monthly dinner club & events. Our Wow Yaw Chilli Sauce is legendary. You can book us to cook for that special event, for two to four hundred and two. BTW we do great poetry too. Just saying.

EMAIL: letdelicioushappen@gmail.com

Let Delicious Happen To You

Food is intimacy.

One of the few ways to get close to another person is through the intimacy of food. Though taken for granted, the craft of the cook has to be good enough and deserving enough to be placed within you. Good food is just not a gap filler. It is a lasting memory. 

Good cooking is one of the things that make you go mmmm. As a cook, you feel privileged when something you create just hits the spot. That nod or acknowledgement, even that moment of silence as someone enjoys the beatifulness plated for them, by you, makes you feel worthy. For us, flavour does matter. It really does.

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Contact us

Telephone: +44 7941482360

E-mail: letdelicioushappen@gmail.com

Address: Queens Court.Central Milton Keynes.


Walk through The Centre MK, we are in Queens Court.


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