The Menu: Our Street Food Stall. Queen's Court. Milton Kenes MK9 3FH

Grab Tub,£6. Regular £8. Bigguh £10

We offer 3 sizes. Served with Jollof or Herby Rice. There will be 3 plantbased options. Butterbean and Mango Curry, Aubergine, Potato and Carli Pepper stew and Mushroom, bell pepper and Sweet Potato Curry. There might be Pot Luck. (Whatever I feel like cooking that day.) There will also be The Chicken Dish of the day and on Fridays, The Fish of the day. 

Of course there will be side dishes like Fritters, Puff Puff, Kelewele and Soups. 

Let Delicious happen to you.

From Intimate to coorporate and anything inbetween.

We will set up and create a most glorious BBQ,  A chef will come to your home and offer fine dining. We can set up the lunch for your conference. We will make the guests at your wedding go mmmmmm. These packages are bespoke thus priced per event. The hassle will be all ours and the food, a most pleasurable experience. We might even throw in a performance.


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