Let Delicious Happen To You.

Life is too short. Make every bite count.

 I Love food. I won’t even try to disguise that statement in any way. I love the way a good meal makes you feel. The memories it evokes. The smell, the presentation, the joy of delivering something that puts a smile on someone's face. It is such a beautiful, joyous and warm feeling when you know you hit the spot. Right on. 


The myths and rumours about herbs and especially spices are numerous. Spicy does not only mean burn. Spice is a balance. an enhancement.In reality, a way to bring the best out of something. Our choice of ingredients are a 10.  Our blend of herbs an spices take things a few notches higher. Better. 

So Who is Better Than Mamma's?

The Journey To Us!

My Grandma Augusta taught me to cook. Funnily enough, it was recovery therapy for a car accident when I was about 10yrs old. I helped in my mum Stella's restaurant later in life. When friends started dropping around my home on weekends for some food, they were coming to Yaw's House, whice was the name of my first actual restaurant. Around 2005/6, someone said the food was better than her mamma's. I think they were right.


surely delicious   s ccoming  your way....

Then Why The Vegan African?

Why not create a plant-based menu that that was not an afterthought?

In my grandma's house, there was lot of vegan food. The word had not been invented yet though.  We were omnivours however, meat featured in our diet on weekends and special occation. 

Food was always delicious though. Remember, herbs and spices used to enhance your food are  plant based too. I created the vegan african as a homage to a culture where historically, most food were of the plant based variety. 

I wanted Delicious to happen to my veggie and vegan friends too. I think we do that quite well.


This will usually be a Pot Luck. Things like these crop up when I go off menu. The greengrocer tells me "I've got some really nice...." I think.."Hmm that's not on my official menu. Let's do Pot Luck. Let's go off menu! So when you call or come in, ask for the Pot Luck of the day. It is whatever I feel like cooking!


What Really Goes On.

We do slow home cooking at it's best. We do take time to get things right. Each mouthfull is a message of love. Let delicious happen to you.

Stewed Jerk Chicken.

A Caribbean dish with a West African twist. This just makes you want to hug somebody. An orchestra of flavours in your mouth. Yum.

Spiced Fried Sweet Potato.

Sweet potatoes. Slice, season, wait then fry. Aaaah, with a dollop of garlic mayo. Maybe chilli flakes?

The Colour Purple

This is our famous aubergine, potato and carli pepper stew. A classic spice balance with influences from West Africa and Northern Africa.

Spiced Grill

Lamb and mushrooms with pomegranate seeds.

This is on the menu when you book us for your event BBq.

Tilapia and Coconut Curry with Spinach.

Delicate and delicious. Yes we do food good. Pre order or ask when it's on. Our food journey is not rushed. Please give enough time with an order. When you get what you asked for, it will be worth your wait.

We will cook for you for your freezer if you want. Like we say in Ghana, "Make We Talk!"

Yaw Asiamah (Asiyama) food is art    

Our Butterbean and Mango Curry is legendary. Your tastebuds will tell you the truth.
I invented this recipe for a great friend who turned vegan about twenty three years ago. It is still one of our most requested classics



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